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Bridging IoT and Cloud: Enhancing Connectivity with Kong’s TCPIngress in Kubernetes

By Rajesh Gheware

In the rapidly evolving landscape of Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud computing, organizations are constantly seeking efficient ways to bridge these two realms. The IoT space, particularly in applications like GPS-based vehicle tracking systems, demands robust, seamless connectivity to cloud-native applications to process, analyze, and leverage data in real time. UniGPS Solutions, a pioneer in IoT platforms for vehicle tracking, utilizes Kubernetes Cluster as its cloud-native infrastructure. A key component in ensuring seamless connectivity between IoT devices and cloud services in this setup is Kong’s TCPIngress, an integral part of the Kong Ingress Controller.

The Role of TCPIngress in IoT-Cloud Connectivity

Kong’s TCPIngress resource is designed to handle TCP traffic, making it an ideal solution for IoT applications that communicate over TCP, such as GPS trackers in vehicles. By enabling TCP traffic management, TCPIngress facilitates direct, efficient communication between IoT devices and the cloud-native applications that process their data. This is crucial for real-time monitoring and analytics of vehicle fleets, as provided by Spring boot based microservices in UniGPS’ solution.

How TCPIngress Works

TCPIngress acts as a gateway for TCP traffic, routing it from IoT devices to the appropriate backend services running in a Kubernetes cluster. It leverages Kong’s powerful proxying capabilities to ensure that TCP packets are securely and efficiently routed to the correct destination, without the overhead of HTTP protocols. This direct TCP handling is especially beneficial for low-latency, high-throughput scenarios typical in IoT applications.

Implementing TCPIngress in UniGPS’ Kubernetes Cluster

To integrate TCPIngress with UniGPS’ Kubernetes cluster, we start by deploying the Kong Ingress Controller, which automatically manages Kong’s configuration based on Kubernetes resources. Here’s a basic example of how to deploy TCPIngress for a GPS tracking application:

kind: TCPIngress
  name: gps-tracker-tcpingress
  namespace: unigps
    - port: 5678
        serviceName: gps-tracker-service
        servicePort: 5678

In this example, gps-tracker-tcpingress is a TCPIngress resource that routes TCP traffic on port 5678 to the gps-tracker-service. This service then processes the incoming GPS packets from the vehicle tracking devices.

Security and Scalability with TCPIngress

Security is paramount in IoT applications, given the sensitive nature of data like vehicle locations. Kong’s TCPIngress supports TLS termination, allowing encrypted communication between IoT devices and the Kubernetes cluster. This ensures that GPS data packets are securely transmitted over the network.

To configure TLS for TCPIngress, you can add a tls section to the TCPIngress resource:

    - hosts:
      secretName: gps-tls-secret
    - port: 5678
        serviceName: gps-tracker-service
        servicePort: 5678

This configuration enables TLS for the TCPIngress, using a Kubernetes secret (gps-tls-secret) that contains the TLS certificate for

Scalability is another critical factor in IoT-cloud connectivity. The deployment of TCPIngress with Kong’s Ingress Controller enables auto-scaling of backend services based on load, ensuring that the infrastructure can handle varying volumes of GPS packets from the vehicle fleet.

Monitoring and Analytics

Integrating TCPIngress in the UniGPS platform not only enhances connectivity but also facilitates advanced monitoring and analytics. By leveraging Kong’s logging plugins, it’s possible to capture detailed metrics about the TCP traffic, such as latency and throughput. This data can be used to monitor the health and performance of the IoT-cloud communication and to derive insights for optimizing vehicle fleet operations.


The integration of IoT devices with cloud-native applications presents unique challenges in terms of connectivity, security, and scalability. Kong’s TCPIngress offers a robust solution to these challenges, enabling seamless, secure, and efficient communication between IoT devices and cloud services. By implementing TCPIngress in Kubernetes clusters, organizations like UniGPS can leverage the full potential of their IoT platforms, enhancing real-time vehicle tracking, monitoring, and analytics capabilities. This strategic approach to bridging IoT and cloud not only optimizes operations but also drives innovation and competitive advantage in the IoT space.

In summary, Kong’s TCPIngress is a cornerstone in building a future-proof, scalable IoT-cloud infrastructure, empowering businesses to harness the power of their data in unprecedented ways. Through strategic deployment and configuration, TCPIngress paves the way for next-generation IoT applications, making the promise of a truly connected world a reality.


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