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Integrating Java Applications with Kubernetes: Strategies for Cloud-Native Transition

Integrate Java applications with Kubernetes for a cloud-native transition in this comprehensive guide. Learn the essentials of containerizing Java applications using Docker, designing for microservices, and deploying with Kubernetes manifests. Discover strategies for efficient task scheduling, secrets management, monitoring, and security best practices. Ideal for developers seeking to modernize Java applications in a Kubernetes environment, ensuring scalability, reliability, and agility.

Streamlining Ecommerce Microservices Deployment: A DevOps Guide to Jenkins, Docker, and Kubernetes

Streamline your e-commerce microservices deployment with our comprehensive DevOps guide, focusing on Jenkins, Docker, and Kubernetes. This article offers practical insights into creating an efficient CI/CD pipeline, leveraging Docker for containerization, and Kubernetes for seamless orchestration. Essential for DevOps professionals aiming to optimize Spring Boot-based e-commerce microservices, it blends theory with practical examples for real-world application.