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Why Cloud-Native?

Cloud-Native solutions are key to unlock the full revenue potential of your business.  Building first-class Cloud Native apps mean being first to greater scale, interoperability and efficiency.

At BrainUpgrade, we have created a set of principles for applications based on microservices, containers & its orchestrators.

Solutions that we develop are based on the design principles and aimed at fully utilizing the cloud infra.

BrainUpgrade Offers Its Expertise To Firms Looking To Outsource Their Product Development. We Help Clients Build Cloud-Native Apps With Smart Tooling And Practices (DevOps).


Our client is an expert in providing structural design services and wanted to develop a software product solution to efficiently collect ground-level structural data and share the same with their onshore, offshore and client teams simultaneously and kick start complex structural analysis immediately.

Project: Germany


Our client is working on a large smart city project in India. For their ITS-PTS software, we have been invited to customize FleetLytics platform and build API integration with the client’s platform



Our client is building a platform to manage vendors to improve workforce agility and to automate talent acquisition and contingent workforce management processes. In addition, using embedded analytics aims to provide better workforce management decisions.

Project: India


We are working with a startup on building next-gen FinTech app for augmented banking App is aimed at bringing banks’ customers to their merchants based on transactions profiling, end-users current location, weather conditions etc. and integration with Plaid APIs

Project: USA


We are building ADAS using OBD and another custom onboard sensor. Using various machine learning algorithm, the driver will be given instant notifications besides real-time analytics will happen on the servers giving intel on driving behavior and risks associated.

Project: India


An ambitious platform was being built to revolutionize car buying experience by cutting down overall buying time from weeks to an hour by integrating dealers, lending & insurance agencies, aftermarket product services using blockchain.


Project: India

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