A Professional's Guide to

Mastering DevOps

Essential Tools and Advanced Methods

What this eBook contains?

  • Introduction to DevOps Mastery: Understanding the evolution, principles, and significance of DevOps in modern software engineering.
  • GitHub for Collaborative Code Management: Leveraging GitHub for version control, collaboration, and integrating with CI/CD tools.
  • Automating with Jenkins: Setting up and using Jenkins for continuous integration, delivery, and pipeline automation.
  • Docker: Mastering Containerization: Utilizing Docker for creating, managing, and deploying containerized applications.
  • Kubernetes for Orchestration: Implementing Kubernetes for managing and scaling containerized applications efficiently.
  • Monitoring with Prometheus and Grafana: Setting up monitoring and visualization for applications and infrastructure using Prometheus and Grafana.
  • ELK Stack for Logging and Analysis: Utilizing Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana for efficient log management and data analysis.
  • Terraform: Infrastructure as Code: Applying Terraform for automated provisioning and management of infrastructure.
  • SonarQube and DAST for Code Quality and Security: Integrating SonarQube and DAST tools into the development pipeline for enhanced code quality and security.
  • Container Security with Trivy: Implementing Trivy for scanning and securing container images in DevOps environments.

Meet Rajesh Gheware

  • Experienced Kubernetes Expert: Over a decade of experience in cloud computing and containerization.
  • Dynamic Teaching Style: Simplifies complex concepts, making
  • Kubernetes accessible to learners at all levels.
  • Corporate Training Specialist: Successfully led numerous training programs for many Fortune 500 companies and implementing Kubernetes in business projects.
  • Certified Professional: Holds multiple certifications in Kubernetes and cloud architecture, demonstrating deep expertise. Certified in CKA, CKS, Togaf EA, IBM UML, Spring Core