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BrainUpgrade has gamified Kubernetes learning for you. Train anytime, anywhere with just your browser.  Create hundreds of apps online and deploy them instantly into the dedicated Kubernetes cluster for you. Everything you need to get your learning enhanced is for only $10 a day for every participant.

Make your team expert in Kubernetes

Tailored Plans

Bespoke training plans and timeframe for specific learning goals

Examples Repo

Hundreds of different yaml references & demonstrations

Workout Tracker

View, track, and share your progress for better results

Trainer Support

Consult with our team of expert trainers

How it works is so simple

Access Online lab

Use the provided credentials to enter into the online lab created specially for your team

Set up Your Apps

Dockerize your application and define deployment specification in yaml

Start Running App

Deploy YAML definitions in Kubernetes cluster. Monitor & troubleshoot your applications

Browser based secure lab for any modern technology

Whether your goal is to learn Docker, Podman, Buildah, or simply demonstrate the power of a CICD system like Jenkins on scalable cloud infra such as Kubernetes, our MTVLabs (Multi-Technology Virtual Labs can help your instructors/trainers can teach your IT teams easily.

Play Video
Play Video

Teach How to build Kubernetes Cluster

Learning Kubernetes has a steep curve but you can accelerate your learning with this well-designed and production-grade browser based online Kubernetes lab

Amazing Results

“This is one of my best classes I have ever attended. Rajesh has passion for teaching. He went an extra mile to teach basics in Docker as a foundation before he went on with Kubernetes. I am very much impressed with his style of teaching.“
Peter K
“His demonstrations were so powerful that hard to get concepts working like horizontal & vertical scaling, seemed easy to follow to implement in real world Kubernetes cluster“
Madhu K
“I love this browser based lab! Super intuitive interface and easy to deploy internet facing apps. The best thing about it is that I no longer need to go to the training cetre or office. Working out from home worked better.“
Deepti M
“We never had such fantastic and engrossing training experience in the past. Even though the trainings were conducted virtually, our participants were glued to the screen watching through easy demonstrations and then try things out themselves in the provided browser based lab“
Gopi - L&D Manager

Join the fast growing world of Kubernetes

Log in from the comfort of your browser and create & deploy kubernetes apps in the real world – production grade cluster!

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