Corporate Training - Your team is the brain of your business. Upgrade the brain, Transform the Business!

Why Training?

Corporate training widens the knowledge of employees. It keeps them on their toes all the time, makes them more competitive, confident, and updated with new technological advancements. BrainUpgrade Training fills in their skill gap (upskilling), builds technological superiority, gets them to work together as a team, and prepares them to face any challenges. It also works on their morale and loyalty. Not only does it prove beneficial to employees, but it also upholds the companies reputation and improves the brand name as professionals always look for a company that gives them a shot at improving their skills and learning new skills. So, corporate training improves efficiency and consistency manifold.

Brain Upgrade tools (4)
Instructor-led training Kubernetes

Instructor-led & Corporate  Training

We customize our courses to best fit your needs. Engineers in an organization can have a mix of experience in terms of overall industry experience, roles they play, etc. Talk to us about how best to customize the course contents.

Our trainers have 20+ years of experience on average and have been part of FinTech companies that include Fortune 500 companies.  Besides, trainers are certified in their chosen area of expertise.   Currently, we focus on Docker & Kubernetes and our clients (Fortune 500) give us repeat business because of the positive & consistent feedback received from the participants.  Click here for more details

CKAD Simulator Kubernetes 

Mock tests to simulate closer to reality CNCF Kubernetes Certification tests ( CKAD ) to give best possible learning and practice environment. This simulation lab for mock test is accessible from your browser without any downloads or configuration.

Practice makes person PERFECT (PMPP – that’s our motto).


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